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Trends in the Ratios of Use of Various Drugs
Versus the Use of Marijuana
Among Those Ages 19 to 28 (1986 - 2008)

This page serves as a convenient navigation aid for finding data tables and large graphics depicting trends in the ratios of use of various drugs compared to that of marijuana among those ages 19 to 28. Additional links are provided to navigate to data for other demographic groups as well. As you navigate the site, any small graphic without legends is intended primarily for navigation purposes, thus you can always click any such graphic to move through different parts of the available data and the site contents.

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Amphetamines Cocaine Crack
Ecstasy Hallucinogens Heroin
Inhalants LSD Other Narcotics
Sedatives Tranquilizers Alcohol

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College Student Use Ratios Comparions Across High School Demographics Comparions Across Young Adult Demographics

Source: Monitoring the Future, Vols I & II (2009)

truth: the Anti-drugwar
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