Hooray We're Winning!

Intermittently, at best, we are told that victory against the evil specter of narcotics is just around the corner. Maybe if we just spend a little more money, or get a little tougher it will soon work. Just because the war hasn't worked for over 100 years doesn't mean we should stop, does it?

Let's wrap it all up and go home
Year Headline Publication Issue Date
1911 Progress in solving the opium problem Outlook Jul 1
1913 Knock-out blow for opium Literary Digest Jun 28
1927 Uncle Sam scores one on opium Survey Jan 15
1929 Step toward solution of the narcotics problem Current History Jan
1931 Effective plan to control traffic in drugs adopted by twenty-eight nations Nation Jul 29
1933 End of illicit traffic now in sight Literary Digest Jul 29
1940 New hope for conquest of drug addiction Science News Letter Dec 21
1945 One up on narcotics; addiction can be cured Colliers Dec 15
1948 Dopers' decline Newsweek Dec 20
1952 Man strikes hardest blow yet against dope Life Jan 14
1962 Narcotics victory Commonweal Mar 9
1972 New progress in the war on drugs US News Aug 7
1972 U.S. scores in the war on drugs Newsweek Aug 28
1972 Victory soon in fight against drug traffic? US News Sep 25
1972 Big gains in drive to cut off narcotics US News Dec 25
1973 Tide has turned in the war on heroin US News Jul 16
1973 Victory over opium: capture of Lo Hsing-han Time Jul 30
1974 How U.S. is smashing hard drug rings US News Apr 1
1975 U.S. pledges continued efforts in drug abuse control U.S. Dept of State Bulletin Dec 8
1981 Are kids turning away from drugs? Newsweek Mar 2
1982 Youth moderating usage USA Today Jun
1984 Teen drug use drops, but problem remains Science News Feb 18
1985 Teen drug use -- except cocaine -- falls Science News Jan 19
1985 A war that must be won Vital Speeches Aug 15
1989 Some winning maneuvers in the war on drugs Business Week Nov 27
1990 Teenager's drug use drops Science News Feb 24
1990 The administration's drug war can reduce demand Vogue Mar
1990 A frontal assault on drugs Newsweek Apr 30
1990 Drug-free zones: winning the war on drugs New Republic May 21
1990 Good news in the drug war: prices up, purity down Newsweek Jul 2
1992 Major drop in high school drug use, study reveals Jet Feb 24
1992 The winnable war Vital Speeches Jul 15
1998 Winning the drug war isn't so hard after all NY Times Magazine Sep 6
2001 I'm proof: the war on drugs is working Newsweek Jul 2

Source: Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature

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