Have You Had Enough Drug War Yet?

"Some days it feels like I'm watching a house on fire. And one idiot wants to put it out with a machine gun. The other one wants to use grenades. And I'm standing there with a bucket of water and they look at me like I'm crazy."

-- Pete Guither, DrugWarRant, March 18, 2007

For this part of the site, I reviewed the headlines indexed in the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature over the past century or so, and have been making them into pages reflecting various aspects of the drug war. I think doing so gives us an interesting way to review what the public has been told over the years about drugs and the people who use them; and more importantly, clearly shows the repetitious and ineffective nature of the drug war. If the dates weren't included, no one would know which headline was from what year -- it's like having a time machine that really works, but no matter when you stop, everything is the same.

Also check out the pages of article excerpts I've been assembling, in which you can see for yourself that today's drug war stories are simply decades old repeating themes.

Visit the on-line Drug War Chronicle and the Media Awareness Project websites to see how the insanity of drug war continues around the world, in our nation, and in your neighborhood. Sign up for their respective newsletters and you'll be extremely well-informed on what's going on. Then get busy telling other people.

  • Celebrating Over 100 Years of Drugwar

    Seizing drugs, arresting people, supply interdiction, demonization of users, harsh sentencing and every other imaginable trick in the book has been tried over and over again for over 100 years. When do you think any of it will start to "work"?

  • Addicts & Addiction

    Isn't an addiction punishment enough by itself?

  • Cocaine

    A major ingredient in, and source of the name for, the world's favorite soft drink.

  • 'Crack Babies'

    There were 'drug addict' babies long before crack hit the streets -- but there are actually very very few of them.

  • Drug Education

    Education or indoctrination? Either way, it really does nothing to stop people from trying drugs.

  • Drugs as a Weapon

    Those *^&$#%$# bastards are trying to hook us on drugs! As if it weren't bad enough for the nations' wartime enemies to attempt the drugging of Americans, the American government itself spent some time slipping drugs to unsuspecting victims as part of their hunt for a drug that could turn a man into a mindless zombie. p.s. -- it didn't work.

  • Drugs and the Workplace

    While a lot of hand wringing has been done about the 'dangers' of drug use in the workplace, the rates of workplace injuries and fatalities has been declining for years. Drug users are so difficult to identify in the workplace that urine testing has become accepted as "normal." But if you can't tell who they are without testing their pee, then what sort of a "problem" are they?

  • Marijuana: Menace or Medicine?

    Even the Drug Enforcement Agency can't figure it out, as they have classified marijuana's principle ingredient (THC - or tetrahydrocannabinol), as a Schedule III medicine, if it is in the man-made form, but as a dangerous, addictive Schedule I "narcotic" with no medical use if it is contained in a marijuana plant.

  • Reefer Madness Through the Years

    Come on already people! Some 100 million Americans have tried marijuana at least once, and an additional 2.5 to 3 million try it every year. Obviously it just doesn't live up to its dangerous and scary reputation.

  • Scary, Scary Drugs

    Trying to scare people against using drugs doesn't work, for a very simple reason: the millions of people who routinely use them without ill effect.

  • So Many Questions

    Wheel goes around ... wheel goes around ... wheel goes around ...

  • What About 'The Children'?

    Ah yes, the little precious ones who we actually prime to become tomorrow's drug users by associating drugs with comfort. "C'mon baby, take this, it will make you feel better." They've heard it from the adults all through their childhood -- and people wonder why kids try drugs?!

Drugwar: The More You Learn, The More It Stinks!

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