‘Good, old days’ of Prohibition not so old after all
by Brian C. Bennett

Hey it sure was great to read in the Daily News the reminiscences of those guys about the Prohibition days. Yeah, it kind of brought back a few of my own memories of the "good, old days." Maybe I can share a few of them with you folks.

It was back in my high school days when my friends and I used to get together on a cold winter day and sit in front of a warm fire toking on some of the finest weed Mexico had to offer. We’d just roll a few to get us started and put on some good spacey music (like Pink Floyd), then kick back and get royally wasted.

Back then it wasn’t like it is nowadays where you can buy pot on just about any street corner on Main Street, U.S.A. No sir, back then it was all hush-hush and very secretive. You could get your weed only from somebody who knew. And nobody ever told anybody who the main suppliers were. People were careful to protect their sources.

Then there were the concerts. You could go see your favorite band perform live on stage and sit back and freely alter your consciousness right in front of everybody. The police would just look the other way when they saw you. Imagine that!

Ahhhh, memories! Oh, gee. I’m sorry, I must have really gotten carried away this time. I just remembered this letter is supposed to be about how much fun it was to break the federal laws against alcohol. Gosh, I’m really sorry. But, heck, I wasn’t even alive then.

Written Circa 1985
Originally published in Dayton Daily News

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