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Recommended Links

Rather than supplying a generic laundry list, I actually endorse these resources, and encourage you to visit them and contribute to the people behind them. I actually know most of these people, having exchanged emails, forum posts, phone calls and even been lucky enough to meet some of them in person. In my estimation these people are doing the kind of work that is most effective in reaching people and helping them understand the hows and whys of ending the drug war.

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) - Hands down, this is the absolute best thing going in the drug law reform debate. LEAP is an organization composed of police officers, judges, lawyers, prison guards and a host of other people who were once on the front lines waging the war, and who are now calling for the complete end of the drug war. They are actively speaking before civic leadership organizations (Rotary Clubs, VFW Chapters, Lions Clubs, etc) and explaining why the only viable solution to our nations' drug "problem" is to end the war, legalize the drugs and sell them in regulated markets just as is done with alcohol and tobacco. The credibility they bring to the table is unparalleled, and they are actively engaged in bringing their message to those who, on the surface, seem least likely to lend a sympathetic ear toward the idea of "legalizing drugs." Yet, that's exactly what's happening, and LEAP is sending the message loud and clear: "Cops Say Legalize Drugs: Ask Them Why." Everyone who spends the time to look at the wealth of data available (hosted right here on my site) comes to the same conclusion.


Drug Truth Network - Dean Becker's syndicated radio programs are broadcast by 70 stations throughout the US and Canada, as well as in New Zealand. All the programs are also available on-line where they literally do reach the world. His guest list is an absolute who's who of the drug law reform movement. Bookmark the site, listen to the programs, and tell other people about Dean and his work.


Drug War Rant - Pete Guither's blog against the drug war is simply the best one out there. In addition to the work he puts in on delivering incisive and thoughtful commentary on the horrors wrought by the drug war, Pete really puts the "active" in the word activist. Among many other things, he recently made news by handing out pamphlets in front of the Chicago Museum of Science and Technology in protest of a traveling DEA exhibit that allegedly "educates" people about the impacts of drug use.


Media Awareness Project - If you want to keep up with news reporting from around the world related to drug war issues, this is the place to visit. In addition to the huge fully searchable database of news "clippings," they provide a really simple way to get more actively involved through their Media Activism Center. Be sure to sign up for the Drug Sense Weekly.


Stop the Drug War - This is another excellent source of news and views relevant to drug law reform, and their weekly Drug War Chronicle offers in-depth coverage and insightful commentary of drug war news that is unmatched. Sign up.


Cannabis Consumers Coalition -- is a project to create a large enough group of people who are willing to stand up and publicly admit that they like marijuana. Given that there are 25 million or so past year American pot smokers, if they gathered together in a group and stood up, they could easily achieve the political objectives of every other group working on marijuana policy. So what are you waiting for?


Lester Grinspoon's Marijuana Uses and RxMarijuana -- are complimentrary sites designed to allow people to share their stories and views of marijuana use, both for medicinal purposes and for the myriad of other reasons people use marijuana. Marijuana users are "normal" people going about their business and contributing to society. Visit the sites and read about marijuana users -- better yet, submit your own contribution for these sites. The more people out there openly describing the benefits they derive from using marijuana, the faster the process of de-demonization can proceed.



truth: the Anti-drugwar Anti-drugwar Arsenal Accept the $1 Challenge