Cocaine Induced Deaths

Source: Centers for Disease Control, CDC Wonder System

Categorizations and Mortality Figures for Cocaine Induced Death

Cocaine Induced Deaths (1979-1998)
ICD-9 code Code Definition Number of Deaths % of Total
304.2 Drug Dependence 187 1.03
305.6 Nondependent Abuse 2,388 13.17
855.2 Accidental Poisoning 15,551 85.8

As with opiate induced deaths, those caused by cocaine are mostly (86 percent) due to accidental overdoses. Again, like opiates, the distribution of death over age groups is random, thus closely approximates the "standard curve." If cocaine of known dosage and purity were available, the number of accidental overdose deaths would rapidly decline. Somehow it hardly seems "compassionate" to allow these hapless souls to die when their deaths could easily be avoided.

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