Inclusion Criteria For "Level 4" -
Drug Type: Alcohol

Each of the ICD-10 codes included in the 2003 count of "drug-induced" mortality records was evaluated to help determine the presence of illicit intoxicating substances. If any specific mortality record contained one or more of the codes below and no other specific codes for other higher "level" intoxicant type drugs, that death was classed as "Level 4" - Drug Type Alcohol. For each code determined to be an alcohol type drug, the ICD-10 code itself and its description is indicated below, along with a tally of the total number of drug-induced mortality records in which the code occurs. Details of which drug types are involved in specific cause of death categories can be explored from the drug induced death overview page.

ICD-10 Codes Classified as "Level 4" - Drug Type: Alcohol
ICD-10 Code Description Tally
F10.xMental and Behavioral Disorders Due to Use of Alcohol12,276
R78.0Finding of Alcohol in Blood23
T51.3Fusel Oil1
T51.9Alcohol, Unspecified707
X45 Alcohol1,570
X65 Alcohol229
Y15 Alcohol169

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